April 9, 2018

Vr Viewing.

The future is here, and we are with it.

For an auctioneer to successfully secure a buyer on a house the buyer must first insure that they have seen all available options and make their decision based on their preference. Sounds simple, however, this process can take a great deal of time depending on the amount of available properties in the area. 

In some cases potential properties for the clients are overlooked due to time constraints, but imagine being able to combat the problem of finding the time to see more in one day. Virtual reality technology has now made this possible.  

“Time is the most valuable asset we possess it cannot be made, it can only  be saved.”

Given the time it will take to travel to different properties to have a preliminary viewing before deciding which you would like to shortlist. Imagine if you’re auctioneer could provide you with a platform which allows you to have a preliminary viewing of 5 properties within an hour, this will save time for the auctioneer, the buyer and the seller. 

"Immersion viewing is the future of advertising."

The growing interest in virtual reality technology as a source of entertainment all across the globe has now opened the door for a new breed of advertising and marketing options.

“The nature of immertion viewing is placing you right in the moment but also right at the scene, with vr you no longer have to just see places, you can be places.”

Imagine walking into the office of a local auctioneer to enquire about available properties to buy or rent. However, instead of having to take the time to visit each available property, what if you could do all of you’re preliminary viewings before you even leave the office. The auctioneer escorts you to his “viewpoint” area where you adourne a virtual reality headset. 

All you need to do is sit back and enjoy as you are taken on a narrated virtual walkthrough tour of the property and surrounding grounds with internal, external and aerial views culminating to produce a high quality movie based approach to viewing. 

"Vr is the way forward for advertising"

Using a refined search function the auctioneer can easily find all available properties under his authority while also being able to account for the buyers budget and personal preference of geographical location, making the viewing process quicker, easier and more comfortable than ever before.

 “It’s time for a view of the future”

“Virtual Conference Call Platform”

“Educational Videos for private or institutional use”

“Public Viewing Platform Implimented In Cafe’s And Other Public Places”

“VR Tourist Information Centres In Cities Boasting All The Craic In the Area.”

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